N95 mask

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1. N95 and KN95 series N series is American model KN series is Chinese model The execution standard and protection level are exactly the same
1.N95 KN95 medical protective mask national standard GB19083 This mask is blue or green product, which is specially designed for medical protection. It has the best effect on blocking bacteria.
2. N95 KN95 industrial dust mask national standard GB2626 The masks are all white products, which are specially used for industrial production. The dustproof effect is better than medical masks, but the target of germ barrier is inferior to medical protective masks.
However, both the medical protective mask and the industrial dust mask have a protection rate of 95% or more.It is just that the medical protective mask and the industrial dust mask have more emphasis. The suffix numbers generally represent the wearing method.
N90 series
N9001 N9002 and other types of masks also belong to the category of industrial dust masks. The protection rate is 90%. It is also the type of masks that focus on industrial dust masks. The suffix model generally represents the wearing method.
KP95 series
The difference from KN95 series is that KN series protects non-oily particles KP series protects oily particles
Fourth, non-woven medical protective masks (protective masks for medical surgery)
Medical protective masks are blue and the packaging is clearly marked with medical equipment and standards. Protection 80% Not all blue non-woven masks are medical protective masks, but almost all medical protective masks are blue.


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